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Our Fish and Eggs

The St Johns strain from Northern Maine and Eastern Canada has been grown in land-based systems and net pens for many years. SalmoGen is growing this strain as broodstock in Maine, USA. SalmoGen is expanding a high-performance, bio-secure, pedigree breeding program for this strain. The phase one volume target is 25 million eggs per year with year-round spawning. The company is applying advanced breeding techniques including genotyping, genomic prediction methods, and a set of genomic tools to promote advantageous traits on a rapid schedule.

Latest International Breeding and Genetics Expertise for Atlantic Salmon

Where Our Fish Came From

The USDA National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center (NCWMA) has worked with Atlantic Salmon broodstock and related research over many years. NCWMA has worked with the St Johns River Strain from Maine over several generations to promote performance in aquaculture. SalmoGen has sourced its egg and parr from this USDA facility and continues to work with NCWMA in its own breeding program development.

SalmoGen Company

SalmoGen is Taking Selective Breeding and Performance a Few Steps Further

• Growth performance in land-based systems, including fresh water.

• Early maturation prevention through sterility.

• Fish welfare traits.

• Reach out for more information on traits being targeted.


Although our breeding programs are specifically targeting land-based performance, the strain has performed well in ocean environments also. We therefore welcome, both land- and ocean-based interest.


The company is two years away from its first egg deliveries. Gradual egg volume output over the first 2-3 years means that companies who enter into early LOIs will get early priority.

Atlantic Salmon Genetics
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