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American Atlantic Salmon Genetics

There is no volume supply of domestic Atlantic Salmon Eggs available in the US today. Most salmon producers have to rely on imports. In parts of the US and Canada, local genetics are required for Salmon farming. Local genetics reduces potential regulatory, biosecurity, and supply risks for domestic farmers. It is also an excellent option for international customers. We work with the St Johns Strain from Maine that has been developed for farming through several generations. SalmoGen is accelerating performance development for this strain.​

Atlantic Salmon Breeding

Leading US Expertise on Atlantic Salmon Performance

Atlantic Salmon Eggs

An American Coalition of Partners is Developing a High-Quality Egg Supply

Salmogen started its Atlantic Salmon broodstock program in late 2022 with USDA as a strategic supplier of genetics and stocking material. The company is supported by capable investors including Cuna Del Mar, Builders Initiative, Xcelerate Aqua, and the Penobscot Indian Nation. SalmoGen has strategic collaboration with Center for Aquaculture Technologies, Innovasea, an experienced advisory board, USDA, and others to accelerate a broodstock program adapted for land-based production.


Recent News

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SalmoGen is focused on delivering a quality product and traits that boost fish performance for farmers. We are developing capabilities to be a flexible supplier every month of the year. First deliveries of eggs are scheduled for 2027. We encourage producers who wish learn more and to secure future supply options to reach out to us.

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A High Focus on Biosecurity

SalmoGen adheres to strict biosecurity protocols and health testing. We test our broodstock population on a regular basis for all known pathogens. We have a completely disease-free stock - professional third-party health testing has not detected any pathogens. Our water sources are pathogen free. SalmoGen provides full traceability on our fish, including health history.

Atlantic Salmon
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